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Come on in and have a seat.

At Pink Couch Wellness, you'll find the tools for improved mental health and wellbeing, and a supportive team ready to lend a hand.

Our Mental Health Team

We have a variety of disciplines and different experiences, but we all have the same caring compassion to help others feel well.


Services We Offer

The Pink Couch Wellness team offers various options to improve
mental health and wellbeing.

Right where you need to be.

Our licensed clinical team of mental health professionals prides itself in delivering compassionate care in a welcoming atmosphere. Trained in various evidence based therapeutic methods, we're able to create a plan to assist you in meeting your individual treatment goals.


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We hope to see you soon!

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1220 NE Station Crossing, Suite 204, Grimes, IA 50111


515-890-6940 (fax)

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